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Far from a self-indulgence, undergoing couple therapy is one of the most generous things we could ever do for ourselves and one another.....

Couple counselling may sound like something we would only be interested in if a relationship were failing. In fact, it is the single greatest tool that can prevent it from doing so.

A common fear before going to a couple counsellor is that they may take the side of the other person in the relationship. There is in practice no such danger. The counsellor has only one responsibility and that is to the relationship itself. The therapist is there to see things through the eyes of both individuals.


Couple therapy is a safe and contained forum in which to discuss issues that can too easily, if left unattended, descend into misunderstanding and blame. When we feel that we haven’t been heard by our partner, we are less likely to want to hear them in turn. In the consulting room, everyone can safely have their say, feel acknowledged and as a result progress can be made.

Couples learn how to…

  • Listen to and understand more about each other.

  • Communicate in an easier and more constructive way.

  • Negotiate difficult decisions.

  • Recover the love, respect and fun that has previously been enjoyed.

Cost:  I charge £90 per session.

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