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About Counselling

Sometimes, I am as surprised by the variety of people who engage with counselling as my clients are to find themselves making use of a counsellor.


We can often develop false images of the type of person who will use counselling. But in reality it can be any of us who stumble across an issue, or crash against a metaphorical tidal wave of emotions difficult to make sense of.

The issue can be our own vulnerability, it may be a painful or confusing relationship or the illness or loss of someone close. It could be that anger or depression has taken its hold or anxiety and stress is experienced at every turn. It could also be that you are in need of talking through your thoughts with someone who is impartial and objective.  Making use of the counselling space can be very useful in these times.

So if you are considering counselling, willingly or even enthusiastically, or because you feel there is no other way to find your sanity, then trust your inner sense to know the right time and space to begin.


What happens next? If you think it’s the right time to seek counselling it would be good to hear from you. I offer both individual or couples counselling.

How long does it take? Our sessions would typically last an hour and we would schedule appointments on a weekly basis (depending on individual requirements).

Counselling can often be short term as sometimes just talking things through helps us on our way. For deeper personal issues then long term counselling creates a safe place to slowly unlock past hurts and abuses that are long numbed down, shelved and even forgotten.

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