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Transitioning into adolescence is never easy and is often fraught with difficulties trying to understand the intricate nature of your emotions, your relationships and perhaps even life itself. Counselling can help.


Counselling works. It offers a safe and *confidential space for you to figure stuff out. Talking things through in a friendly, neutral and structured environment will help support your thoughts, give you a better understanding of why you feel the way you do and it is a really good way to help you understand yourself better.   

Talking to a professional an hour once a week can help you deal with issues and events and the effects they are having on your mental wellbeing. It can help with issues like low-self esteem, anxiety, bullying, anger, relationship problems, self-harm and intrusive thoughts.


Cost:  I charge £70 per session.

*Confidential (unless you disclose that you or someone else’s personal safety is severely at risk).

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