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Self Esteem


The term self esteem is broadly used to describe someone's individual sense of self-worth or how much you appreciate and like yourself. The formation of our belief system has a major impact on our sense of who we are which is why it is so difficult to change. Negative and unhelpful thoughts feed low self esteem. The cycle of self-criticism can drain the pleasure we once found in life or prevent us from ever find pleasure in life.

Sometimes our self esteem is knocked when we briefly experience difficulty with something or someone. Momentary knocks in life that force us to recalibrate, mature and grow as human beings. These are important life experiences to help us develop.


However, when difficult situations persist over a number of years it is difficult to find the resources and confidence to navigate our way. Experiencing a trauma or ongoing stress, physical health problems, losing a job or struggling to find one are difficult and stressful life experiences that can often impact how one feels about one's self and often forces a different view on life counselling is one of the many way in which to help.



Self Esteem




Anger Management

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