Counselling and Supervision

Simone Gridelli



If you have been considering counselling for yourself to see you through a period of difficulty, I offer a confidential space in which you can safely express your thoughts and feelings without fear of criticism or judgement.




Far from a self-indulgence, undergoing couple therapy is one of the most generous things we could ever do for ourselves and one another.


Young People

Transitioning into adolescence is never easy and is often fraught with difficulties trying to understand the intricate nature of your emotions, your relationships and perhaps even life itself. Counselling can help.



I bring a broad range of experience from  my work with adolescents and their complex issues to my work with adults with mild to moderate mental ill health providing you with a safe and non-judgmental space to develop professionally as a counsellor.

My Approach

I am a trained Person Centred Counsellor using an Existential approach to my work. These philosophies share a belief that people have the capacity for self-awareness and choice and have an inherent capacity for responsible self-direction.  


This perspective targets present conscious processes rather than unconscious processes and past causes. The therapeutic relationship serves as a context in which the process of psychological growth is fostered.


Psychological growth is achieved through genuine and authentic psychological contact offering warm unconditional acceptance and trusts that the client's inner drive is to actualise in a healthy direction.

About me

I am DBS certified and a UKRCP Registered Independent Psychotherapist, qualified and accredited Counsellor, Certified Supervisor and Couples counsellor.

I trained as a Counsellor and Person Centred Supervisor at the Metanoia Institute in Ealing, which is recognised internationally as a place of teaching and learning excellence. 

Getting Help

Talking to a trained person on your own about your problems however big or small – they are people who really listen to you to help you work through and explore your personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. You will not be pressured to talk about anything you do not wish to discuss. Counselling needs to be a voluntary relationship, which means you have a choice in whether you feel you want it or need it.



Self Esteem




Anger Management

“I wanted to say thank you for helping and guiding me through difficult times in my life. Your service was both professional and personal. You helped me to regain a state of being happy, confident and level headed - but most of all ‘true to myself'.  (EDW. 42)